About Delta
About Delta
Delta Goals

Our mission is to strengthen Georgia through developing successful military projects contributing to national defense along with supporting civil society wellbeing.

State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta is engaged in Defense Industry and provides technical support for Georgian Armed Forces concerning ammunition, military vehicles, specialized buildings and fortifications, implementation/application of new weapon systems and their subsequent support, humanitarian demining and demilitarization works.

The main mission of STC Delta originates from state interest of Georgia and national defensive strategy. The main task of the center is facilitation of development of national military industry, design-implementation in production up-to-date and innovative military technology, design, creation and serial production of combat equipment and armament meeting the requirements of world tendency.

History of STC Delta starts from 60-years of XX century, and from the beginning of 90-years the research center was put under control of Ministry of Defense of Georgia.  Today’s STC Delta was established in the year of 2010 when six scientific-research institutes and Tbilisi Aircraft Manufacturing (31 aviation plant) were placed under its control. Main sphere of Delta’s work is oriented to defense industry and partly to civil production.

STC Delta has been implementing the leading role in the Soviet Union, as a scientific-research institute in creation filed of explosives and ammunitions. STC Delta includes several scientific institutes such as LEPL Ferdinard Tavadze Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science, LEPL Scientific Research Institute Optica, LEPL Grigol Tsulukidze Mining Institute, LEPL Raphiel Dvali Institute of Machine Mechanics, Ilia Vekua Sukhumi Institute of Physics and Technology, Institute of Micro and Nano electronics.

STC Delta is capable of designing, developing, integrating, producing, and servicing different kinds of military production to meet customer requirements and expectations. Delta has capable personnel and processes, focused organization, broad experience and relevant technology skills. The company successfully applies modern technology and engineering techniques, using the CAD/CAM/CAE design process, CATIA v5, Mechanical Desktop, Nastran, Patran, and other advanced programming.

State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta is legal entity of public law established according to the order of President of Georgia. Full name of the center is Legal Entity of Public Law — State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta. The center is the organization separate from state administration bodies. Until 2014, the Ministry of Defense of Georgia performed state control of the center. Based on Government Decree of March 10, 2014 State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta was passed to the control of the Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia.

Delta is scientific technical center based in Tbilisi, Georgia established in 2010 on the base of six scientific research centers and production facilities employing up to 2000 employees. Organization is focused on research and development of new military and civil projects, production of already established products.

Order №1-1/247

Of September 10, 2014

Of Minister Of Economy And Sustainable Development Of Georgia

The City of Tbilisi

On Approval of Regulation of Legal Entity of Public Law  - State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta

According to Georgian Law “On Legal Entity of Public Law”, Para. 1st of Article 13 of Georgian Law “On Standard Regulations” and Para. 2 of Article 1st of Statement No.217 of Georgian Government of March 10, 2014 “On Establishment of Legal Entity of Public Law – State Military Scientific-Technical Centre Delta”, I hereby order that:

Article 1

The attached Regulation of Legal Entity of Public Law - State Military Scientific-Technical Centre Delta to be approved.

Article 2

The Order shall come into force from September 15, 2014.

George Krivikashvili

Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia

Regulation of Legal Entity of Public Law - State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta

General Provisions

  1. State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta (hereinafter referred to as the Center) represents Legal Entity of Public Law established by Statement of Georgian Government according to Georgian Law “On Legal Entity of Public Law” and its full name is Legal Entity of Public Law - State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta. The Centre represents separate organization from State Administrative Bodies.
  2. Governmental control of the Centre is performed by Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia (hereinafter referred to as the Ministry).
  3. Legal principles of the activities of the Centre are Constitution of Georgia, International Contracts and Agreements of Georgia, Georgian Laws, By-laws and this Regulation.
  4. In order to perform purposes and functions specified by this Regulation the Centre as a legal entity of private law concludes deals and is authorized to sue or be sued in court.
  5. With consent of the Ministry, the Centre is authorized to establish non-commercial entity of private law according to Georgian legislation.
  6. The Centre has an independent balance, bank accounts (including foreign currency account), round seal with image of the State Emblem and its name, letterhead and stamps.
  7. Legal address of the Center: 73 Mnatobi str., Tbilisi, 0169, Georgia

Purposes, tasks and objects of activity of the Centre

  1. Main purposes, tasks and functions of the Centre are:a) Expired, unused military equipment, munitions and weapons available in the country:
    a.a) Classification upon acceptance, according to secondary production;

a.b) Organization of preliminary expert evaluation of applicability and cost according to order established by legislation;

a.c) Utilization;

a.d) Realization;

a.e) Other usage specified by legislation.

b) Processing of explosive agents (including already utilized) intended for military and industrial use;

c) Development, recovery, updating, maintenance and repair of combat weapon, munitions, military equipment and ammunition according to existing legislation of Georgia;

d) Organization of serial implementation of military items in production, organization of serial production and/or participation in such activity;

e) Design and building of special objects for military-industrial application;

f) Development of armor materials, scientific-technical provision of manpower safety and special objects security systems;

g) Development and production of control and measuring-metrological devices intended for special military-technical equipment and technological processes;

h) Development, implementation, recovery, updating, maintenance and repair of optical and electronic devices-machines as well as special-purpose systems and their equipment;

i) Design, implementation, maintenance and repair of special security systems of military objects and buildings-constructions;

j) Processing, recovery, updating, maintenance and repair of military-training simulators;

k) Methodological and hardware support of tests on training area;

l) Acquisition – storage, transportation and realization of explosive agents, weapons, munitions and their elements according to existing legislation of Georgia;

m) In order to provide fulfillment of military defense application orders, studying of design and experimental and production-technological basis capabilities and preparation of relevant proposals;

n) Coordination and support of humanitarian demining activity;

o) Processing, updating, development, implementation and maintenance of systems concerned with avalanche protection and antihail activities in the country;

p) Checking of lawfulness, advisability and effectiveness of legal entities activity (including financial-economic activity) established by Centre, management and control of legal entities passed to the Centre according to rules established by the owner;

q) Other tasks and functions specified by the Ministry.

  1. The Centre on the basis of its rights and obligations:
    a) Participates in considering proposals of relevant ministries, associations, productions, scientific-engineering and design organizations related to national defense capability;
    b) Participates in development of proposals that relate to creation, production and operation of optics, electronics, special equipment and software;
    c) The Centre will develop top-priority directions and state programs with relevant institutions concerning issues of new equipment development in State scientific-technical productions and organizations;
    d) Participates in development of proposals that relate to military-technical cooperation with other countries concerning development, production and operation of armament, military equipment and ammunition;
    e) The Centre will develop proposals concerning secondary usage (repair, reconditioning), liquidation and utilization of expired or out-of-service armament, military equipment and ammunition and taking into consideration nomenclature and type agreed and approved by relevant structures;
    f) The Centre approves and assigns technical specifications and plans on performance of scientific-research and design as well as experimental works;
    g) Performs testing of armament, test samples of military equipment (units, systems) and serial products developed and manufactured in the Centre, as well as components and materials; participates in their state inspection, prepares technical documentation on their acceptance for armament and performs implementation in serial production according to existing legislation;
    h) Provides conformance of performed works, produced test samples and serial products to state standards, state order technical specifications and technical documentation requirements;
    i) According to existing legislation the Center performs technical monitoring (develops recommendations) concerning provision of technological safety of works related to explosive agents designated for military application;
    j) In case of development of technical documentation and transfer of products in serial production, defines and agrees with competent bodies relevant arrangements concerning safety issues of state secret;
    k) Provides patentability of military products developed by the Centre;
    l) Participates in organization and arrangement of exhibitions of military equipment, technology and ammunition within the territory of the country as well as outside the country;
    m) When performing main tasks, the Center uses potential of scientific-research and design organizations of the country according to established order;
    n) Participates in development of Georgian military and special terminology, brings state standards to conformity to NATO standards, develops regulatory documents and implements in practice;
    o) Issues periodic military-technical magazine and special literature;
    p) Participates in performance of government program on a contractual basis;
    q) Organizes and participates in scientific forums (conference, seminar, congress, and meeting) at home and abroad;
    r) Has the right within the scope of its activity to carry out an expertise according to established order. Expertise order and expert service tariffs should be approved by the Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development of Georgia (hereinafter referred to as the Minister)
    s) Carries on avalanche protection and antihail public services according to order specified by the Minister;
    t) Within the scope of its competence, the Centre performs sports and recreation activities;
    u) Based upon performance of tasks specified by this regulation, development of military industry, production of military and dual-purpose products, and by agreement with the ministry, on its own base but in such a manner that the center essentially does not pass to production activity, the Center establishes legal entity of private law and purchases portion/shares of enterprise according to Georgian law “On Entrepreneurs”;
    v) Performs tasks specified by the Ministry and other rights specified by legislation;
    The Center has the right to carry on production activity of auxiliary type in such a way that the center essentially does not pass to production activity.


Article 3. The Center Management

  1. Directions of center development, work plans, annual budget project and /or changes to be made and reports are approved by Director General of the Center (hereinafter referred to as the Director General) by agreement with the Minister.
  1. The Center is directly and solely managed by Director General that is assigned and dismissed from the post by order of the Minister. Director General acts independently within the scope of his competence.
  1. The Center also has Executive Director and Deputies Director General.
  1. During absence of Director General, Executive Director or one of deputies performs duties of Director General on the basis of individual administrative legal act.
  1. Director General:

a) Performs representative function of the Centre and is personally responsible for correct fulfillment of center’s activity;
b) Distributes functions between Executive Director, Deputies Director General, divisions and employees;
c) Distributes curatorial spheres between Executive Director and Deputies Director General;
d) Represents the Center before physical and legal persons, acts on behalf of the center, disposes center property and financial means according to order specified by legislation, concludes contracts, issues power of attorney, opens accounts in a bank, performs functions specified by Georgian legislation and this regulation;
e) According to Georgian Labor Code by agreement with the Minister, assigns and dismisses from the post Executive director and deputies director general of the Center. Also assigns and dismisses from the post heads of structural divisions and other employees (including drawing up labor contract with non-staff personnel, suspension of labor relations and termination of labor contracts).
f) Performs sending of employees on business trips within the country, sending on leave;
g) Performs sending of employees on business trips abroad;
h) Is responsible for purposeful and correct use of center’s property and funds. He is obliged to make a report before the Minister;
i) Within the scope of his rights, the Director General issues individual administrative legal acts;
j) Approves the Center’s structure, staff schedule and salary funs by agreement with the Ministry;
k) Performs position salary classification according to results of evaluation of qualification requirements, qualification of employee, professional skills, work experience and performed work in each case by drawing up relevant individual administration legal act;
l) Is responsible for performance of main tasks of the Center and for provision of appropriate security measures for State secret;
m)In order to perform special tasks he makes task  groups and invites specialists for working in such groups according to established order;
n) Has the right within the scope of the center’s budget and by agreement with the Ministry, to define hourly or standardized salary of employees involved in production process of the Center;
o) Has the right by agreement with the Minister, to assign additions for center employees within specified period (not more than the end of current budget year) for performance of overtime work according to Article 17 of “Georgian Labor Code”, by order of Director General or/and direct supervisor, for work that is outside the scope of responsibilities of employee, but that is directly connected to purposes or tasks of the center’s or/and ministry’s activity, as well as for performance of work of special difficulty or/and importance related to center’s or/and ministry’s activity;
p) By agreement with the Ministry, the Director General has the right to define limits of funds designated for material rewards and additions of employees as well as limits for fuel to be purchased and communication charges to be paid by the Center;
q) Performs other rights related to the Center’s activity.