მიწისქვეშა ნაგებობების დამცავი სისტემის პრეზენტაცია სამთო ინსტიტუტში

11 მაისს გრიგოლ წულუკიძის სახელობის სამთო ინსტიტუტის ტერიტორიაზე, მიწისქვეშა ნაგებობების დამცავი სისტემის პროექტის პრეზენტაცია გაიმართა, რომელსაც ამ პროექტის ფარგლებში შექმნილი დამცავი სისტემის ფუნქციონირების დემონსტრაცია მოჰყვა.
აღნიშნული პროექტი სსსტც „დელტას“ დაქვემდებარებაში მყოფი გრიგოლ წულუკიძის სახელობის სამთო ინსტიტუტში აშშ-ის ფლორიდის უნივერსიტეტის, დაცვითი ტექნოლოგიების ცენტრთან ერთად, NATO-ს სამეცნიერო პროგრამის „მეცნიერება მშვიდობისა და უსაფრთხოებისათვის“ ფარგლებში ხორციელდება. პროექტი საბოლოო ეტაპზე მიწისქვეშა ნაგებობების საწვავის ღრუბლის აფეთქებისგან დაცვას ითვალისწინებს.
სსსტც „დელტა“ ამ პროექტში საბოლოო მომხმარებლის სტატუსით მონაწილეობს.

სისტემის ფუნქციონირების დემონსტრაცია

Report on Anti-Hail Protection System Work

Report on Anti-Hail Protection System Work Works fulfilled through anti-hail protection system in Kakheti region in 2015 was evaluated at State Military-Scientific Technical Center “Delta”. The report was held together with the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. General Director of “Delta”, Ucha Dzodzuashvili presented the report to the invited guests. Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia, First Deputy Defence Minister Davit Ebralidze and officials from other ministries attended the presentation. “Anti-hail protection system is one of the most important projects of “Delta”. According to the final evaluation we can count it as a successful project as its efficiency was quite high. We are glad “Delta” is carrying out very successful projects which continues in the future as well”, stated Davit Ebralidze. “Delta” launched working on anti-hail system in 2013 under the Government order. The most part of the electronic and mechanical components of the system were produced in “Delta”. The system includes the following: Command and Control Center in Tbilisi, Central Meteorological Radiolocation near Signagi and 80 items of missile launcher throughout Kakheti region. The system launched its first shootings on May 28. In total, up to 1000 items of anti-hail rockets is launched from the system. During summer and autumn 50 process of hail threat was occurred in Kakheti. Among them the system neutralized 47 occurrences. As final results, the anti-hail protection system showed us 95% of effectiveness throughout this year. The anti-hail rockets are made in world standards which contain silver iodide-containing reagents and are ecologically safe.

Georgian Prime Minister and Defence Minister visited DELTA

Georgian Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili visited LEPL State Military Scientific-Technical Centre DELTA. Minister of Defence Tinatin Khidasheli and Director of DELTA Ucha Dzodzuashvili hosted Head of the Government. Among the visitors of DELTA were Minister of Energy Kakhi Kaladze, Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia, Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance Giorgi Mgebrishvili and Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia Sozar Subari.

The visitors first viewed the 8th plant in DELTA and attended the manufacturing process of the production.

Later on, the high-ranking officials had a look at the Anti-Hail Command Centre and familiarized with the working process on site. The scientists of the Centre observe the information about climate changes that are received from the Chotori Mountain radars on the computer monitors. 84 fire points located in Kakheti region are monitored from the Command Center as well.

At the end of the visit, PM and Minister of Defence viewed the new production. This year the enterprise presented 15 new products of armament and military equipment: multifunction unmanned aerial vehicle, armored medical evacuation vehicle, armored vehicle for desert conditions, anti-hail systems and other defensive means.

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The Sixth Steering Committee Meeting of NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence in Tbilisi

On March 17, 2015 the sixth Steering Committee Meeting of NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence was conducted in “Rooms” hotel by co-organization of NATO Energy Security Center and LEPL STC “Delta”. Members of the Committee and invited guests, including Mr. Andrius Krivas, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Lithuania, and other officials attended the meeting. Opening of the committee meeting was also attended by Mr. Gigi Gigiadze, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mrs. Mariam Valishvili, Deputy Minister of Energy, Mrs. Natia Mikeladze, Deputy Minister of Economy, Mr. Archil Karaulashvil, First Deputy State Minister of Integration Issues to European and Euro Atlantic Structures, representatives of the Embassyes and attaches, representatives of NATO Information Center and NATO Support Center.
Cooperation agreement between LEPL STC “Delta” and the Center was signed on October 16, 2014. First expansion of ENSEC COE by non-member country started by Georgia. After the Agreement came into force, from Georgian side LEPL STC “Delta” that has one permanent representative in ENSEC COE, took part in researches and programs performed by the Center.
Signing of such agreement with NATO non-member country is an unprecedented event. From Georgian side the document was signed by Mr. George Kvirikashvili, Minister of Economy and Sustainable Development, and from NATO side by Mr. Juozas Olakas, the Minister of Defense of Lithuania and by Mr. Gintaras Bagdonas, Director of ENSEC COE.


Cooperation memorandum has been signed between STC Delta and Keysight Technologies

On March 11-12, 2015 in Tbilisi in Radisson Blue conference hall the State Military Scientific-Technical Center “Delta” and Keysight Technologies conducted two-day seminar “Keysight Innovative Test and Measurement Solutions”.
The first day of the seminar was devoted to Keysight Technologies presentation and was attended by Georgian scientists and specialists working in electronic sphere. On the second day Memorandum of mutual cooperation between mentioned company and SCT “Delta” was signed.
Electronic measurement instruments, systems, software and service produced by Keysight Technologies are used in electronic equipment production-operation, namely, in digital device and various frequencies generation-simulation and etc. For development of electronic schemes the company prepares special programs that enable production of measurement electronic equipment that could measure frequency spectrum, check electronic signals and provide microchips operation.
Within the scope of Memorandum, Keysigth Technilogies will provide software support to military and civil systems produced by STC “Delta” that will raise an issue of high-tech armament and equipment production in Georgia to the highest level.

Armored Engineering Equipment for Demining Works

One of STC “DELTA”s work direction is performing demining operation works.

Nowadays “DELTA” is actively performing works of cleaning territory around village Skrasi from ammunition storehouse exploded during August war of the year 2008 and also cleaning nearby territory of explosive substances.

For that aim several units of heavy engineering equipment were specially armored and prepared for performance of demining operations.

The mentioned equipment enables to safely neutralize unexploded ammunition stuck in soil.


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