International conference and industrial exhibition IESMA 2014.

On November 12 of 2014 year, International conference and industrial exhibition IESMA 2014 opened in Lithuania, Vilnius.

State Military Scientific Center “DELTA” stand is presented on the exposition, where various samples and works designed by research institute subordinated to the center STC “DELTA” are also presented. Among them there are also presented: sun portable panels, germanium and silicic monocrystals, ceramic armor plates and other.

Main organizer of the event is NATO Energy Security Innovation Center and the Ministry of economy and sustainable development of State Military Scientific Center “DELTA” of Georgia.

Additional supporters are NATO Information Security Division, NATO Security programs and Science for Piece”, NATO Service Body and The Ministry of Defense of UK.

The aim of IESMA 2014 is to ensure the platform elaboration to improve energy efficiency for exchange experience and military technologies.



  • Energy generation
  • Energy management
  • Micro grids (technology and security)
  • Energy storage
  • Portable power
  • Energy supply (including transportation)
  • Disaster recovery
  • Efficiency and buildings
  • Soldier technologies
  • Energy distribution and control
  • Water management
  • Waste management

The exhibition consists of two parts: with conference and industry exhibition.

At the exhibition Scientists, industry and military specialists will gather, who will shear their experience and discuss presented materials which will be directed on energy-saving standard, advanced and newest technologies.

Industrial exhibition will give opportunity for innovative energy technologies and decision providers to show and explain its decision proposals to all participants of IESMA 2014.


a)   To accelerate the transfer of innovative energy technologies from the civilian to the military sector;

b)   To stimulate the implementation of standard energy efficient and environmentally responsive technologies in the field;

c)    To advance the adaptation of cutting edge technologies for practical use in the military;

d)   To raise awareness of industrial and scientific communities of military interest of these technologies;

e)   To raise military awareness of the available technologies.

The conference and exhibition is held in Lithuanian exhibition and in LITEXPO congress center which will close on November 14.


IESMA 2014 exhibitors:

  • Elgama Sistemos Ltd
  • NATO Support Agency (NSPA)
  • IDG Europe AB
  • Griffin People
  • JSC Biocentras
  • Honeywell
  • Multicon Solar
  • IDE
  • ESTechnologies
  • Bredenoord
  • Lithuanian Energy Institute
  • Waste4ME BV
  • Building Intelligence Group srl (BIG srl)
  • Renovagen Ltd
  • DHYBRID Power Systems
  • The MasterMind Company
  • PFISTERER Holding AG
  • SAFT
  • WITT Energy
    • o   Baltic Institute of Advanced Technology
    • o   JSC Jametana
    • o   Center of Physical Sciences and Technology
    • o   UAB Geozondas
    • o   Polimaster Instruments
General Mazniashvili state young Legion at DELTA

On 7 November, young  legion students named after General Mazniashvili and instructors visited State Military Scientific Center “DELTA”.

Young students who are interested in the military sphere were introduced to aviation plant history and then examine various samples of Georgian armament developed by DELTA.

The Legion is named after Georgian National Hero General Giorgi Mazniashvili and serves for the purposes of    education of military-patriotic youth

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