Micro and Nanoelectronics Institute

LEPL “Micro and Nanoelectronics Institute” performs scientific-research, consulting and expert activity.   The institute is independent in its activity.  State control of the institute is performed by LEPL State Military Scientific-Technical Center “Delta”.  The institute in its activity uses Georgian Constitution, international contracts and agreements of Georgia, Georgian laws on “science, technology and their development” and “on legal entity of public law”, as well as other regulations and Charter of LEPL “Micro and Nanoelectronics Institute”.  The institute has a separate balance, bank accounts, seal and other details of legal entity of public law.

    Aims of the institute:
Performance of scientific-research, consulting and expert activity;
Facilitation of scientific-technological progress of the country;

Development, analysis and spread of new technologies;

Development of international scientific cooperation;

Encouraging of scientific personnel’s mobility of the institute;

Participation in preparation and retraining of new scientific personnel.


Main directions of current activity:

  • Research of nanoscale semiconducting structures intended for short and medium waves infrared photo detector technologies;
  • Development of metals and semiconducting thin-tape oxides technology intended for production of high velocity radiation resistant circuits for special purpose systems.

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