Scientific Research Institute Optica

General Provisions

  1. Legal Entity of Public Law – Scientific-research Institution- Institute OPTIKA (afterwards INSTITUTE) realizes the scientific-research, consultative, export and entrepreneurship activity.
  2. State control of the institute realizes the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia (afterwards the Ministry).
  3. The institute is created “The scientific-research institution of LEPL about the foundation” according to the Georgian government resolution of 16 March 2006 year #58, on the base of Georgian science and technology department of the scientific-research institute “OPTIKA”.
  4. The institute is independent in its activity. The institute directs according to the Georgian constitution, international agreements and treaties of Georgia “about the science, technology and its development” and about the Legal Entity of Public Law, according to the Georgian laws, other normative acts and to this regulation.
  1.  The institute has independent balance, bank account, stamp and bank details of other legal person.

Institute goals and purposes

  1. The aim of the institute:

A) Implementation of Scientific-research, consulting, export activity.

B) Facilitate of country’s scientific-technological progress.

C) Facilitate of country’s scientific activity in all aspects

D) Analyze, creation and spreading of new technologies.

E) Development of the International scientific collaborators.

F) To encourage the mobility of scientific staff.

G) To participate in training and retraining of new scientific staff.

H) According to the legislation of law, the institute is authorized to implement auxiliary economic activity related to the scientific-research activity, among them, design and technological activity.


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