Small Arms
12.7 mm Rifle AMR mod-1

Large-caliber 12.7 mm rifle  AMR mod-1
This rifle belongs to anti-material rifle class.
Its designation is annihilation of enemy manpower as well as damage and put out of action of light armored technics.
The rifle has longitudinally slipping mechanical lock, cartridge box capacity is 5 cartridges.
12.7×108 mm caliber cartridges are used for this rifle.
The weapon is equipped with bipod support and butt fixing rear led for performance of prone shoot.
There is a barrel brake at the end of the barrel that significantly decreases recoil energy appearing during shoot.
Universal guide rail enables to mount any type of optical sighting device

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12,7 mm
Rifle length
1520 mm
Barrel length
1100 mm
Shooting range
2000 m
weight of the optical sight
14 kg
Muzzle velocity
817 mps
Feed system
5 cartridge
12.7 mm Rifle AMR mod-1
12.7 mm Rifle AMR mod-1