Artillery systems
120 mm Mortar GM-120

GM-120 is a conventional type 120mm mortar, made by classical scheme. Designed to defeat manpower, weapons and equipment in support of the battalion. The high caliber of this weapon enables great fire power to be delivered to the target on great distances. This mortar is provided with a smooth bore and a double-loading stop, and is muzzle-loaded. The hole system includes wheeled carriage for towing the mortar.

Used for fire support of brigade and regiment level military units. Mortar GM-120 is designed with classical scheme and incudes: two-wheeled gun carriage, 14,5 caliber length smooth-bore barrel, support legs with the equipment of mechanical targeting ,  recoil damping mechanism, optical targeting equipment. In the end of the barrel dual charging protective equipment is installed. From this Mortar it is possible to shoot as soviet also NATO standard 120mm mines.

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120 mm
Barrel Length
1740 mm
Base Plate Diameter
900 mm
Total weight
216 kg
Barrel weight (With Branch Block)
73.4 kg
Base Plate Compl.
64.5 kg
73 kg
Double Charge Safety Mechanism Weight
5 kg
Elevation: Max.
80 °
Elevation: Min.
45 °
+/- 50 °
Range Of Fire. Max.
7100 m
Range Of Fire. Min.
480 m
Rate Of Fire
15 rounds/min
5 man
Muzzle Velocity
325 m/s
Life Expectancy
10000 rounds