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Sniper Cartridge .338 G.B.M Scenar

Special Sniper Cartridge .338 G.B.M Scenar is designed and developed in State Military Scientific-Technical Center Delta.
It has standard .338 LM ballistic data which is different from cartridge data and is used for exact shooting in 1600 meter distance.

Bullet head is marked and is composed of the bullet core placed in copper coating.

Cartridge head may be the following models:
.338 Hybrid Berger – mass 300 gran.
.338 Sierra Matchking – mass 300 gran.
.338 G.B. – mass 325 gran. (With marked copper coating bullet core).
Speed correlation of the cartridge in relation to caliber and bullet masses is achieved by varying powder mark and quantity.

CC BY 4.0 This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Cartridge type
.338 G.B.M Scenar
Bullet mass
300 granum
Bullet muzzle velocity
915 mps
9 inch (229 mm)