Small Arms
40 mm under barrel grenade launcher GP-25D

40 mm caliber under barrel grenade launcher GP-25 is intended for adjustment of AKM and AK 74 type of RPK system on automatic rifles. It is also used for destruction of openly placed troops.Bomb thrower is equipped with mechanical target device, with this device it is possible to aim maximum 400 meter. On the grenade launcher, soviet standard Vog-25 and Vog-25P barrel charged fragmentation shootings and its clones produced in different country

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40 mm
Total length
323 mm
Barrel length
205 mm
1.3 kg
Shooting range max
400 m
The gun
AKM, AK-74
Quick shoot
4-5 shoot/m
vog-25, vog-25p
40 mm under barrel grenade launcher GP-25D