Personal Protection Equipment
Modular tactical vest MK-I

All Purpose Modular tactical vest MK-I  is intended for individual protection of soldiers, also protects fighter’s upper body from the barrel of arms.  It also is intended for protection of upper body from the barrels of arms.  Body armor is designed from molle type module construction. In front and back side of body armors, it is possible to place special armor plates designed with special composite materials which ensures the protection from7.62X54Rmm B-32 type armor-piercing cartridges.

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Bullet Protection without armor plate
IIIA NIJ-Std 0101.06
Bullet Protection with armor plate
IV Class
Gross Weight (Medium)
3.5 kg
Weight with IV class armor plate
8.5 kg
Surface Area Protected
9.5 kg
Protection Area without collar and groin protector
37.9 dm²
Protection area with collar and groin protector
54 dm²
Fragmentation Protection
V50 1.1 gr 720 m/s