Artillery systems
Mortar GM-60

60mm mortar GM-60 is intended for destruction of opponent’s troops, armor, car equipment and fire position.
Used for obscuration of battlefield. This device is characterized by a high temp of shooting and produces high intensity barrage also is used for fire support of company level sub-units.
60mm mortar GM-60 is designed with classical scheme and includes: 60mm smooth-bore barrel, support legs with the equipment of mechanical targeting and optical targeting equipment.


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60 mm
Barrel length
650 mm
Support plate diameter
300 mm
Total weight
17.4 kg
Barrel weight
3.8 kg
Support plate weight
3.8 kg
Biped gun carriage weight
9.8 kg
Rising angle of the barrel (max)
80 °
Rising angle of the barrel (min)
45 °
Horizontal rotating angle of the barrel
+/-40 °
Shoot maximum range
2550 m
Shoot minimum range
94 m
Quick shoot
15 shoot
Projectile initial speed
222 m/s
Barrel resource
10000 shoot
3 men