Artillery systems
Multiple Rocket Launcher System – RS-122

The multiple rocket launcher system RS-122 is designed to defeat personnel, armored targets, artillery batteries, command posts and fortifications.
The combat vehicle is capable to control fire without the preliminary preparation of a position and without the help of crew minimizing the salvo time.
The machine has got an armored cab capable to protect the crew of five men from shell sprinter and fragments.
Technical characteristics of the multiple rocket launcher are the following:
Number of gun layers-40; rocket shell caliber-122 mm; gun-layer rising corner-minimal -0 degree, maximum -60 degree; horizontal targeting corner-80 degree to the right from the chassis, 120 degree to the left from the chassis; full salvo time -20 second; firing distance given a missile type-minimal-1000 m, maximum-45 000m; maximum road speed-70 km/h; operational range-500 km; crew-5 men.

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5 man
Quantity of the launch tubes
40 pieces
Duration of complete salvo fire
20 sec
Maximum speed on asphalt road
70 km/h
Operational range
500 km
122 mm
Minimum firing range
1000 m
Maximum firing range
45000 m
Multiple Rocket Launcher System – RS-122
Multiple Rocket Launcher System – RS-122
Multiple Rocket Launcher System – RS-122