5620 mm
2420 mm
2440 mm
Gross weight
7000 kg
300 hp

4×4 armored vehicle “DIDGORI MEOMARI” represents an multitask modular platform for support vehicles with different
purpose and configuration. The crew of “DIDGORI MEOMARI” consist from five specialists, including the driver,
Commander, Gun operator and two troops/heavy armament operators. Double layer armor is capable of withstanding
EN1063 BR7+ threats. Upgraded heavy-duty chassis and suspension give the ability to cross tarmac or heavy off road
conditions including sand and rocky surfaces.
Rear compartment of the vehicle is modular, and can be equipped with:

  • 120 mm mortar system
  • Fire support weapon station
  • Electro optical surveillance module
  • Signals intelligence module
  • Anti tank rocket launcher module.
  • Surface-to-air missile module
  • NBC module
  • Minelayer module
7240 mm
Combat weight
8200 kg
Rate of fire
15 per/min
Range of fire Min
480 m
Range of fire Max
7100 m
Barrel horizontal rotating angle
+/-60 °

DIDGORI MEOMARI 120 mm mobile mortar system used as indirect fire weapons for close fire support with a variety of ammunition.
Possible Integration of digital fire control and global positioning systems. The superior tactical mobility and survivability of the DIDGORI MEOMARI 120
mm mortar system makes it an ideal platform for shoot-and-scoot missions. The system can fire a range of mortar shells, including NATO and soviet
standard 120 mm mortar ammunition.

Approved gross vehicke weight (GVW)
10900 kg
Curb weight
10000 kg
Front axle max. Limit
5049 kg
Rear axle max. Limit
6710 kg
Weight distribution on front axle
3850 kg
Weight distribution on rear axle
5950 kg

Armored medical evacuation vehicle primary role is to insure transportation of wounded soldiers from the front line of military operations and providing first medical aid during transportation. Medical evacuation vehicle on universal 4×4 chassis is fully designed, assembled and tested by State Military Scientific-Technical Center “Delta”.

Medevac is equipped with 356 hp V8 type twin turbo-diesel engine. It enables the vehicle to develop 120 km/h speed on asphalt road.

World class protection:

The construction of the armored medical evacuation vehicle is assembled with armored steel plates – in double layer construction and provides all-around protection according to EN1063 B7+ Standard for the crew located in front, rear medical compartment and engine compartment. The base of the vehicle is manufactured from the layer of armored steel – while the protection level is further enhanced by an add on armor panels – which can be easily removed or replaced – for replacement of damaged panes, upgrade/downgrade of vehicle protection level Etc.

Armor plates provide protection from 7,62 caliber armor-piercing bullets shoot from near distance and artillery shell fragments.


Based on Ford F550 super heavy duty truck, all the mechanical components of DIDGORI are time proven and easy accessible worldwide. To further enchase reliability of AMEV all vital mechanical components have been further reinforced to military standards, some of the components have been fully replaced with high end military substitutes in order to insure perfect weight distribution and long service life of the vehicle.
Using of high end components increases intervals between routine maintenance.
All the vital components of the vehicle are highly protected from any type of external threats and despite this are easily accessible for service personnel.


All standard electrical equipment of this vehicle is tested and modified as necessary to protect against the armoring process.
Additional electrical accessories (such as real lighting if required by client) is installed by qualified personnel and will use automotive grade or aviation grade electrical wiring in protective looms to ensure durability and ease of maintenance.
Cab Push Button Panel on cab console with back lighting for illumination that can control:

  • Modular Disconnect
  • Emergency Master
  • Flashing lights
  • Patient compartment lights
  • Heat/Cool unit rear Off/Low/Med/High
  • Street side Scene Lights
  • Curbside Scene lights


There are four stretchers and special medical equipment in the rear part of the vehicle.

High maneuverability: powerful V8 twin turbo engine which gives high power to weight ration to medical evacuation vehicle has a maximum 120 km/h speed in any terrain and climate conditions.

High level protection: the body structure is designed specifically to have optimal angles of placing of armored plates to ensure maximum effectiveness against kinetic and mine blast threads. The base of the vehicle is manufactured from the layer of armored steel – while the protection level is further enhanced by an add on armor plates – which can be easily removed or replaced – for replacement of damaged panes, upgrade/downgrade of vehicle protection.

Empty weight
8059 kg
Combat weight
8855 kg
6120 mm
2350 mm
2230 mm
Engine horsepower
356 hp

Family of 4×4 armored vehicles DIDGORI
Well protected, Highly maneuverable and
Versatile, it is ready for today’s rapidly
changing battlefield environment 

Designed, constructed and assembled according to
modern standards with superior protection for crew
members in mind.
Whatever are the highest demands for modern military
vehicles – DIDGORI delivers.
Thanks to modular design, high mobility and excellent
cross country performance Didgori is ready for Any mission,
Anytime, Anywhere.

High mobility and Excellent survability

Any-mission, Anywhere – thanks to its powerful V8 Twin
turbo charged 356PS engine which gives high power to
weight ratio Didgori has a maximum 120 km/h speed
on paved road and can navigate in any terrain or climate
Time proven suspension, run flat tires, the central inflation
system, reliable transmission and lockable transfer box,
this are just few of the key features that give Didgori high
mobility and excellent cross country performance.
The body structure is designed specifically to have optimal
angels of placing of armored plates, to ensure maximum
effectiveness against kinetic and mine blast threats.


Based on Ford F550 super heavy duty truck, all the
mechanical components of Didgori are time proven and
easy accessible worldwide. To further enchase reliability
of Didgori all vital mechanical components have been
further reinforced to military standards, some of the
components have been fully replaced with high end military
substitutes in order to insure perfect weight distribution
and long service life of the vehicle.
Using of high end components increases intervals between
routine maintenance.
All the vital components of the vehicle are highly protected
from any type of external threats and despite this are easily
accessible for service personnel.


Depending to the modification Didgori carries from 7-9
crew members. All the details in an interior of Didgori are
focused to provide crew with the maximum comfort and
protection possible

Everything from used materials to structure
of the vehicle has been specially designed
to provide Crew of Didgori with world
class protection.

Against Kinetic Threats

Patented armoring materials, the monocoque type body
structure and optimized angles of armored plates are
enabling Didgori to withstand direct hit of 7.62×51 AP
rounds which correspond to NATO Stanag 4569 LEVEL
3 protection.

Against Mine Blast Threats

One of the main goals while developing Didgori was to
keep the crew safe from various explosive threats. Using
special materials, sandwich construction of the hull,
Optional usage of DENIMA Material and specially designed
seats to absorb the effect of mines allow Didgori to
achieve NATO Stanag 4569 LEVEL 2A protection against
mine blast threats.


Modular design and high stability make Didgori an ideal
platform for large variety of weapons. Current versions
are armed with, open turret 12,7mm machine gun, open
turret 7,62mm 6 barreled Minigun or Remotely controlled
weapon station with twinned 12.7mm + 7.62mm machine
guns. Armament can be further fully custom tailored
including variant with 40 mm automatic grenade launcher,
ATGM or SAM platform and Etc


DIDGORI is fitted with twin turbo charged V8 developing
356PS and 680nm of torque manufactured by worlds
famous corporation FORD.
Twinned with reliable transmission it provides Didgori
with high mobility and excellent reliability.
The engine and vital components are fully protected
against threats without sacrificing cooling efficiency and
reliability of the vehicle.


DIDGORI – is equipped with run flat tire system in standard
complectation allowing the vehicle to cover 50km distance
with damaged wheel at 50km/h speed.
Optionally the vehicle can be fitted with Central Tire Inflation
System, providing the vehicle with further enchased

Due to having modular body structure
Didgori can be fully custom tailored
per customers requirements for various

– Armored Personal Carrier
– Armored Reconnaissance Vehicle
– Med Evacuation Vehicle
– Command and Control Unit
– Fire support vehicle (open turret machine gun)
– Patrol vehicle (remotely controlled weapon station)
– Platform for Anti Tank Guided Missiles
– Platform for Surface to Air Missiles

Ability to adapt to any mission needed,
Full custom teilorization of the vehicle and its
armament per client’s request, This are the key
points that make Didgori versatile platform and
enable cost effective logistic support planning.

Logistic Support

We’re always ready to contribute to our clients success
as much as we can, therefore our dedicated team of
professionals is always ready to conduct pre sale/after sale
trainings for clients personnel and provide worldwide, high
quality and efficient service for all the vehicles produced by
STC Delta.

Our experienced R&D team is ready in tight time frames
further develop different modifications of DIDGORI –
with enchased or downgraded protection levels for cost
effective, weight saving or higher mobility purposes.

Easy And Fast Access On And Off

All the interior and exterior of DIDGORI is specially
designed to provide easy access on/off from the vehicle.
Easy opening side and rear doors are designed for troops


Due to the light materials used, despite the high level of
the protection DIDGORI provides, it can be transported by
C-130 or bigger types of the transport aircrafts.


– Gun ports
– Radio mount
– according to the Customer’s preferences
– Hand tool set
– Fuel can 20L
– Parking pads
– Tow cable
– Axe
– Fire extinguisher
– Pick
– Spade


Thermal camera:
Resolution 640X512
Sensitivity – <50 mK at f/1.0 with FLIR
proprietary noise reduction
Display for troops:
Application – High quality rugged military
Dimensions – 334x280x78
Housing – aluminum
Max. Resolution – 800×600 pixels
Brightness – 350 cd/m2
Viewing angel – 160/160
Sealing – IP 65
Power Supply 15-30V DC
Pneumatic ass by a hydraulicsystem;
Central Tire Inflation System (CTIS);
Rubber gasket for vehicle door;
Dual alternator:
Dual alternators totaling 357 amps.
Standard configuration comes 200 amps;
Penalty Front and Rear adapted axles:
(2 to 1) Gear Reduction Hubs (Final Gear
Reduction: 7.46)
(2”) Thick Solid Steel rear axle Planetary
Gain 31% more Torque/Power/Acceleration

6120 mm
2350 mm
8200 kg
Engine horsepower
356 hp

Production of modern communication vehicle aims to transmit and receive the exact information or command promptly and without delay for rapid and mobile army during the operation. Operative tactical level communication vehicle was manufactured on the base of “Didgori” armored vehicle unified platform.

6130 mm
3068 mm
Height with arming module
2918 mm
Empty vehicle weight
14850 kg
3 man
7 man

LAZIKA is a new generation, tracked
modular vehicle with high mobility, superior
protection and excellent survivability.
Modular design, unique monocoque hull and modern
high grade materials make Lazika a capable
lightweight IFV and universal platform for various
missions. Armament of Lazika can be easily changed
according to the mission giving the vehicle flexibility to
meet requirements of modern armies for any mission,
anytime, anywhere.
Thanks to the tracked chassis and precise weight
distribution, Lazika is a high stability platform with
excellent cross country performance at any terrain in
any weather conditions.

– Unique design and precise engineering.
– STC Delta’s own development low weight/high grade
protective materials.
– Superior protection of crew members against kinetic and
mine blast threats.
– Available add on armor kit to further enchase vehicle
protection level.
– Excellent survivability.
– High power to weight ratio.
– Tracked chassis for excellent cross country performance.
– High reliability and easy maintenance
– Powerful armament even in basic modification.
– Modular design enabling mounting of different type of

Excellent cross country performance
The tracked chassis gives Lazika excellent cross
country performance, together with specially designed
components and powerful engine Lazika is ready for
any mission at any terrain. Precise weight distribution
further enchases Lazika’s technical characteristics,
with high angels of approach/departure and side
slope there is no insurmountable barrier for Lazika.
Able to ford on x depth without preparation Lazika
can cross the water obstacle rapidly.

– High speed on both paved and unpaved road.
– Proven chassis for various road conditions.
– High power to weight ratio.
– Unprepared water fording capability.
– Precise weight distribution for excellent stability.
– High maneuverability

Engine and Drivetrain
– Powered by 6 cylinder V type diesel engine .
– High power to weight ratio.
– Modern gearbox for fast and efficient torque
– Low fuel consumption and maintenance cost
– Superior reliability

Superior Protection
– STANAG 4569 Level 4 protection against kinetic
threats in basic model.
– Excellent mine resistance.
– Add on armor kit for additional protection.
– Specially shaped hull to further enchase vehicle
protection capability.
– Seats designed for safe, comfortable ride and impact
absorption. Seat belts for safe cruising.

– Armament in base model – remotely controlled
weapon station, with day/night vision camera and
– FLIR armed with 23mm (2A14) gun and twinned
7,62mm PKT machine gun.
– Modular design allows mounting of different types of
– Ideal platform for MLRS, SAM, ATGM or other

One platform different missions

Lazika is designed with malty purpose capabilities in
mind, there for it is a good solution not only for the armies
seeking cost effective, highly protected and exceptional
firepower IFV, but also a highly stable, capable and
proven platform for different various missions.
From basic Infantry fighting vehicle optionally Lazika can
be transformed to: Armored personal carrier, Command
and control unit, Ambulance, recovery , tracked
reconnaissance vehicle or a platform for various SAM,
Artillery Systems, Anty Tank Guided Missiles and Etc.