32 kg
weight of TNT
17.5 kg
206 mm
5-50 m
armor penetration
110 mm
working temperature
- 40 + 60 °C

Designation of mine is to destroy armored tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored vehicles by hitting them at side projection. RD-7 mine represents engineer ammunition type and its direct designation is to impede movement of tank columns, disabling of equipment or its destruction.
Operation of mine is based on explosively formed penetrator (EFP) principle. During its detonation arrow-headed armor-piercing body is formed that penetrates armor of armored vehicle side by means of kinetic energy. The mine could also simply penetrate side armor of tanks protected by active armor complexes of first generation. In fighting condition, detonation of mine is performed by operator remotely or autonomously by means of attached thermal or seismic sensors.