12,7 MM suppressors for all types 12,7×99 mm and 12,7X108 mm calibre anti-materiel rifles.

40 mm
5.83 kg
950 mm
Effective range
500 m
Max. Range
1000 m
All standard RPG-7 rounds

RPG-7G  is a portable, unguided, shoulder-launched, anti-tank rocket-propelled grenade launcher.

is one of the most widely spread and popular weapon in the world. Its purpose is to destroy opponent’s heavily armored tanks, light armored vehicles, fire points and troops. With grenade launcher produced in different countries around the world is possible to shoot 40 mm caliber HEAT,Tandem HEAT, fragmentation, fragmentation-HEAT, Thermobaric and other type grenades.
LEPL State Military Scientific-technical Center “Delta” offers the potential buyer
STC DELTA offers both modified standard and upgrade grenade launchers with picatinny rail equipped with directing lathe and holographic sights to the potential customers.

Barrel caliber
60 mm
Barrel length
395 mm
2.5 kg
Barrel rising angle (max)
85 °
Barrel rising angle (min)
30 °
Maximum range
450 m

60mm caliber portative noiseless bicaliber Mortar GNM-60 is intended for conducting silent operations of Special Forces and sabotage groups.

From mortar it is possible to shot 40, 60 and 82 caliber bicaliber construction fragile mines. GNM-60 with shooting principle is different from classical type grenades.

Ejector charge detonation in mortar tail is taking place in specially closed chamber. Special piston provides the dart of mortar from the barrel

Depending on the size and weight of grenades, transportation and combat usage is possible by one man.