Engine horsepower
160 hp
Operational range
500 km
2 man
4 man

Modernization programme of widely spread armored reconnaissance vehicle BRDM-2 in World country armies. Modernization includes a number of constructive changes. Instead obsolete weapon system on the vehicle remote control of fighting module 23 mm 2A14 type automatic canon and 7.62mm caliber ПКТ type machine gun paired with it.
In the previous projection the armoire is enhanced, two addition doors are molded on the sideboards. On the right and left sideboards 4-4 smoke mortars are installed.
In front part of the vehicle night and day vision camera is installed from where the image alights on the installed monitors, in the work places of mechanic-driver and gunner-operator.
Triplexes are cancelled, in the right and left corner are added windows for increase of vision areal.
In the nose part of the vehicle, special folding knife is added which is intended for cut of wire entanglement wire and wire cables. Engine of the vehicle is also changed.
Vehicle can be used as surveillance purposes also for various armament base.