Report on Anti-Hail Protection System Work
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Report on Anti-Hail Protection System Work Works fulfilled through anti-hail protection system in Kakheti region in 2015 was evaluated at State Military-Scientific Technical Center “Delta”. The report was held together with the Ministry of Agriculture of Georgia. General Director of “Delta”, Ucha Dzodzuashvili presented the report to the invited guests. Minister of Agriculture Otar Danelia, First Deputy Defence Minister Davit Ebralidze and officials from other ministries attended the presentation. “Anti-hail protection system is one of the most important projects of “Delta”. According to the final evaluation we can count it as a successful project as its efficiency was quite high. We are glad “Delta” is carrying out very successful projects which continues in the future as well”, stated Davit Ebralidze. “Delta” launched working on anti-hail system in 2013 under the Government order. The most part of the electronic and mechanical components of the system were produced in “Delta”. The system includes the following: Command and Control Center in Tbilisi, Central Meteorological Radiolocation near Signagi and 80 items of missile launcher throughout Kakheti region. The system launched its first shootings on May 28. In total, up to 1000 items of anti-hail rockets is launched from the system. During summer and autumn 50 process of hail threat was occurred in Kakheti. Among them the system neutralized 47 occurrences. As final results, the anti-hail protection system showed us 95% of effectiveness throughout this year. The anti-hail rockets are made in world standards which contain silver iodide-containing reagents and are ecologically safe.

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